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An oldie, but goodie.

For all the bagging I do on hipsters and indie culture, nothing pisses me off more than the blatant theft of original ideas and art. Time to pop some popcorn, kick back and watch UO deal with their self-created PR bullshit.


One of my lovely customers sent me a message today with this link.

And here is my United/World of Love line:

My heart sank a little bit. The World/United States of Love line that I created is one of the reasons that I was able to quit my full-time job. They even stole the…

"A church for our generation?" With church music selections straight out of the American Hipster Songbook?


From the Woot Blog:

NEW YORK (UPI) — The pastor of a New York congregation dubbed the Hipster Church said he is trying to create “a church for our generation.”

Rumors hint their Eucharist will be PBR and cupcakes, while their Bible will be re-translated by Dave Eggars.

From The Brooklyn Paper:

“I want to be open to other people in the neighborhood, but it creates a dynamic where you’re not sure if that’s possible,” said Rambo. “McKibbin was an open place where people kept door unlocked — now it’s almost a gated community.”

So basically, the East Williamsburg (READ: BUSHWICK) residents of the McKibbin lofts are worried that their neighbors from EAST East Williamsburg (READ: BUSHWICK, again) are forcing them to live within the confines of a gated community?

You freaking numbnuts. If you don’t want your shit stolen, LOCK. YOUR. DOORS.

Seriously, sad hipster wants his shit back.

—Kill Joy

Two out of the two guys in this photo could give a rat’s ass that this woman is flashing her boobs. More pics from Le Poisson Rouge’s Nasty Mondays here.

American Hipster Songbook? Seriously. These guys are bringing their hipster canon (comprised of MGMT, the Strokes, and some wispy boy crying into his flannel) to Soho house.  Douchebags.

— Kill Joy

I don’t give a fuck which soludo you are. I still don’t want to hang. From Guest of a Guest.

— Kill Joy

More Preakness hijinks. It would have been funnier if the asshole fell through the roof of the port-a-potty.


Stupid roommates at Preakness.